CET Research Briefs

High School Chemistry Teachers' Views of Engineering Inclusion Before and After a Professional Development Program (June 2017) by Sarah B. Boesdorfer.cover of Boesdorfer brief

Considerations for science education professional development providers based on the findings include:

  • Teachers view engineering positively but likely have a naïve view of it, assuming it is more similar to science than it is.
  • As with most preconceptions, teachers' preconceptions about engineering are difficult to change.
  • Science teacher educators should focus on helping science teachers learn to incorporate the processes/skills of defining problems and optimization into their classrooms.
  • When curriculum reform requires changing teacher preconceptions, intensive and sustained professional development is necessary.

Suggested citation: Center for Educational Transformation. (2017, June). CET Research Brief May 2017 (Issue Brief No. 2). Cedar Falls, IA: Boesdorfer, S. B.

What Are Preadolescent Readers Doing Online? A Survey of Upper Elementary Students' Digital Reading, Writing, and Communication (July 2016) by Amy C. Hutchison, Lindsay Woodward, and Jamie Colwell.Cover of Hutchison Brief

Recommendations for teachers based on the findings include: 

  • Provide students opportunities to participate in online activities in which they provide information or create content.
  • Provide students with social media experience in school settings.
  • Begin instruction in Internet navigation, reading, and writing in earlier grades.
  • Help students become informed and critical consumers of online images and videos.
  • Encourage girls to see themselves as more capable technology users.
  • Use digital technology to get male students more interested in reading. 

Suggested citation: Center for Educational Transformation. (2016, July). CET Research Brief July 2016 (Issue Brief No. 1). Cedar Falls, IA: Hutchison, A. C., Woodward, L., & Colwell, J.