Center for Educational Transformation

Research Projects

CET researcher Mollie Appelgate speaks with an elementary studentMap showing the 58 Iowa school districts involved in CET projects since 2014From 2014-2018, the CET funded research projects carried out by faculty members in partnership with Iowa schools and districts. These projects studied critical and emerging issues in Iowa PreK-12 education.
The projects partnered with 58 school districts in Iowa (see map at left).
The projects reflected five themes identified as timely and important by the CET Research Council:

ELL Parent Engagement

Equitable and Effective Schooling


STEM Education

Trauma-Informed Practice for Adverse Childhood Experiences


Each year, the CET Research Council revisits the themes reflected in the CET’s research projects to ensure that the education research needs of the state are being met.


Mollie Appelgate photo by Christopher Gannon, Iowa State.